Hey, my name is Bee. I am a Labor and Delivery nurse, and quite frankly I rock at it. Not because I am the best nurse on the floor by any means, but nursing is my thing. I am good with patients, even when they are, shall we say, difficult. I strongly believe everyone has a thing. Some people it just takes longer to find than others. Your thing may not be for life. Like is nursing something I will do for 40 years? Gosh let’s hope not. My next thing has yet to be discovered. You’ll know when I find it. I have a dog and a cat. Neither of them are normal. My cat is log haired and she sings instead of meows. Yes, I know, coolest cat ever. My dog is the size of a small horse. He is a Great Dane. If you saw how big I am you would realize what a big deal that is. (I barely weigh 100 lbs) Don’t you worry though, I am Alpha. If I am not at work I am the laziest person you will meet. I am pretty sure my spirit animal is a cat. I can sleep MOST hours of the day and be just fine. Not healthy, I know. Do what I say, not what I do, because I am well aware I should be living a super healthy lifestyle as a nurse. Oh well. Not married. No boyfriend. Age 23. Yes, I am completely fine with all of that. I am in no rush to settle down. Sure, I will eventually if that is in God’s plan, but for now I am busy being young and making mistakes. The only baby I need in my life are the ones I take care of at work and my nephew. I can return those when I am tired. My hobbies vary from week to week. I get that from my mother, but one thing has stayed consistent. I love to write. I have been writing since I was young enough to know how. This is my passion. Welcome to my world of jumbled up thoughts and concerns.