A Rare Gem 

Monday night I went on my first real date in a long time. A new guy, no attachments, a new start. All of that was scary and exciting. He is older than me, 7 years to be exact. That is a bit intimidating. Sure, my last guy was 10 years older but he chose me. So it was different. This new relationship started out online. Yes, I finally caved and tried an online dating site. It was both disgusting and flattering all at once. Men are creepy. Let’s face it, the public is creepy. After gagging my way past winks on this site I see this man. His smile was captivating. It made me want to be near him so I could be a part of that happiness. Surprisingly his first words to me were telling me I have a beautiful smile. Crazy huh? This man was making me smile and pulling me in. I could tell immediately that he was a rare gem. When we started talking more I found out we had a friend in common. A guy I knew very well from nursing school. So, naturally I called him up to get the dirt. He said he would be a great guy for me. I was very relieved that I hadn’t found a serial killer. (We have all seen those lifetime movies). For our date he cooked steak and lamb, grilled vegetables, and had ice cream. It was perfect. We talked for hours. He was an open book about everything. Fingers crossed that maybe I can keep this one around and not scare him off! 



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