I was told I needed to put myself out there if I wanted to meet someone. So, of course, late at night when I have more courage than I should I sent a guy a message over Facebook. Lame right? I told him I thought he was cute. His response, “Well thank you.” How utterly humiliating. I just replied with a short, “well ok then.” That was really all I had to say. I thought I might get something more than that. I had not thought this whole thing through, you see. He again later replied with a nasty, “Sorry. Busy.” I don’t EVER put myself out there. Once I do, not only is it a fail, but he is somewhat an ass about it. Maybe I was a creeper about it? I don’t know. I tried. I failed. I am humiliated. This is why I stay home on the weekends and watch Netflix with my dog and cat. I will not lie. I am a very pretty girl. I never have a boyfriend and that is a mystery to me and many others. I am comfortable by myself though. Today, all I can do is laugh at myself and my MAJOR fail. 




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