Finger Food

Today I was on one of my “dates.” I put quotation marks around date because I have been out with this man quite a few times, and today was not meant to be an actual date. It is past the stage of me trying to impress him and him trying to impress me. We are comfortable around each other, and that is how I like it. Now, will this guy be taken to the next level…to boyfriend status? That is yet to be determined. I am very picky. Anyway, on to the point of my post. Today we decided to order Chinese takeout from an ah-mazing Chinese restaurant and have a picnic, and then we were going on a nature hike out to see where he night decide to build a house. We had the take-out and the drink and got all set up. It was a beautiful day outside, and when I say I am excited about this food, I am excited about the food! Everything was out of the bag, the chicken, fried rice, egg rolls, and soups. I am left shaking the bag out in the middle of nature, miles from the restaurant. No. Silverware. What?! So there we are eating Chinese food with our fingers. The rice, the saucy chicken, and yes, even the soups. I must say it was probably one of our most fun and romantic dates we have ever had. It was silly. We laughed at ourselves and each other. All in all, finger food Chinese was quite enjoyable, messy, but enjoyable. I highly recommend any couple who needs a break from reality, needs work on their relationship, or is just looking for a silly date night to try no utensils on a meal that you would never think is finger food friendly. Before today I would have never said Chinese food is a finger food. Now, that is probably how we will always eat it together…if he stays worth my time. 😉





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