Adult Babies

Oh, the endless whining and crying of the past few months that have gone on and on from ADULTS! The presidential election between Democratic nominee Mrs. Hilary Clinton and Republican nominee, President Donald Trump has brought on mind blowing turmoil between what is supposed to be the greatest nation in the world. The fact of the mater is President Trump won the election weather people in this country like it or not. There can be arguments about rigged elections or that he isn’t fit to be President all day long, but it won’t change anything. Parents teach their children everyday to be gracious and kind and to not be sore losers if a game or match doesn’t go their way. What kind of example does all of this behavior show and teach our children and future generations? I will tell you. It is showing them that it is ok to cry like a big baby when something does not turn out how we wanted it to. There are people burning cars, busting peoples heads in with flag poles for supporting Trump, smashing windows, starting riots, and stopping traffic because they did not get what they wanted. They are screaming that President Trump is full of hate and violence when really all they are doing is spreading hate and violence. (The one thing they say they dislike about our new President.) They are saying he has failed this country before he has even had 48hours in office. Instead of spreading everything you say you hate, why don’t they stand behind the new President? Spread the love they so desperately are fighting for? Instead of this country being ripped apart at the seams we need to stand together in unity. We need to stand behind our new President and see just what he is capable of doing and give the man a chance. That is the problem. No one is willing to give him a chance. Step back and stand in his shoes. Would you want to be treated like that? I’ll answer for you, no you wouldn’t. You would wan’t to be given the opportunity to triumph or fail before being judged. There are numerous amounts of women marching along streets for “women’s rights.” Do they not realize we have more rights than any other women in the world. We are treated and respected with honor in this nation. A woman would have to really be a terrible mother to lose custody to her child, but a man doesn’t have to do very much to lose it at all. We have the right to vote, the right to choose weather we work or stay home with our children. We have the right to wear whatever we want in public. We can worship and pray whenever and wherever without being persecuted!! If they are complaining about derogatory marks made in their general direction I would like to ask them something. Have they never been with a group of girlfriends and compared guys butts or compared different men’s penis sizes they have slept with? Have they never looked at a man and thought “dang he is looking good today,” or something even worse? It goes both ways. We have no right to be offended by what men say if we go and do the same thing or have “locker room talk” with our girlfriends. What everyone needs to do is STOP CRYING, stop being offended by every word that comes out of someones mouth, and instead worry about unifying this country and helping the President do what he promised. Let’s make America great again.





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